David A. Walsh, Cybersecurity Veteran from Bronxville, Named Board Chairman at Isoolate

David Walsh of Bronxville speaking

Isoolate, a leading cybersecurity and Browser Isolation Technology firm, recently announced that David A. Walsh of Bronxville, a security industry veteran, will serve as the chairman of its board. Walsh will play a major role in helping the company to meet enterprises’ increased demand for security as a rising number of employees work remotely amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Walsh has more than three decades of experience establishing companies focused on cybersecurity, cloud computing, and Internet-based communications, as well as data centers. Thus, Isoolate will benefit from his in-depth business knowledge, strategies for facilitating growth, and business operations expertise. He also brings a vast network of business leaders worldwide.

More people have been performing work off enterprise networks versus on them during the pandemic. In addition, more applications are being consumed through software-as-a-service versus traditional business application infrastructures. As a result, adversaries are better able to penetrate a company’s data whether the data are in motion or at rest, according to Isoolate. However, as Isoolate’s board chairman, Walsh plans to fast-track the company’s development and relationship cultivation with global enterprises that can benefit from the firm’s unique enterprise security methodology.

During his career, David Walsh Bronxville, has successfully scaled start-ups and sold global enterprises, serving as the chief executive officer, a partner, or the president at give companies that are publicly traded. All in all, he has generated a cumulative gain of $3.75 billion for management teams and investors through the merger of his operational expertise and unparalleled vision.

Isoolate, which was launched in New York in 2018, has revolutionized the security field through embedding its unmatched security technology into a plug-in, thus enabling workers to access cybersecurity no matter where they are located. As a result, companies can feel confident that working safely from home is indeed possible for their employees in the years ahead.

About David A Walsh

David Walsh Bronxville NY native, is President, CEO and Chairman of GENBAND, a leading developer of multimedia networking and software communications solutions.

Previously, Walsh was a Managing Director of One Equity Partners (OEP), specializing in technology, telecom and entertainment.

He joined the GENBAND board upon the merger of NextPoint

(an OEP portfolio company) with GENBAND in 2008. He assumed the position of GENBAND Chairman in 2010 following the acquisition of the Nortel Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions business, with OEP providing the investment capital.

Presently, Walsh also serves as the Chairman of Netas (NETAS: IS), Turkey’s leading IT services business, and Aligned Energy, which is altering the landscape for data center infrastructure.

During his 30-year career in telecom and technology, David Walsh has run five global companies as Executive Chairman, CEO or President, three of them public, and held senior positions in three others. He’s been the Chairman of the Board of five companies and served on an additional five boards. As a principal, he managed all aspects associated with the purchase, sale or merger of more than 25 companies with a total transaction value in excess of $5B.

Walsh served on the Board of Telwares, which was sold to Alsbridge, Inc., in November 2012; was Executive Chairman of Moneyline Telerate, a One Equity Partners investment sold to Reuters in 2005; and served on the board of SAVVIS, the Industry leading Web Hosting and Managed Services business sold to Century Link in 2011.

David Walsh was also the Chairman of WestCom, a global network services company that operated the Industry’s leading Financial Trading Network, sold to IPC Communications in 2008.

Early in his career, Walsh founded two successful start-up companies, Voyager Networks and IXnet. In 1997, Walsh sold Voyager Networks to Global Center, which subsequently merged with Frontier Communications. In 1999, Walsh took IXnet public before selling the company to Global Crossing in 2000.

Walsh received his B.B.A. from Valdosta State College and an M.P.S. in telecommunications from New York University.

Originally published at https://www.prunderground.com.

David Walsh, Bronxville native, has been a disruptor and innovator across a range of technology driven markets over the course of his 30+ year career.

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